Albina Rolsing is an artist open to exploring and creating​ different interdisciplinary artistic approaches. Her art is versatile. Whether abstract, figurative, colorful or monochrome, expressive or minimalistic, she moves between different styles, techniques and materials and remains constantly faithful to her principal artistic themes. Her world of art is vibrant, silent and deep.​ 

​Looking at her art, enables and encourages one to discover and appraise human beauty, as well as beauty as the space between human boldness, strengths and human fears.

more: https://www.benjamin-eck.com/kuenstler/albina-rolsing/#biography





May 2 - June 8 DUO Exhibition Albina Rolsing & Mariko Tsunoka GALERIE BENJAMIN ECK, Munich, Germany

May 25 - 31 SOLO Exhibition BORGO ART GALLERY, Rome, Italy

May ArtExpo / Art Fair Barcelona, Spain

June - July Ephemeral Landscape Group Show MUSEO GUSTAVO de MAEZTU, Estella, Lizarra, Navarra, Spain

September 19 - 22 WopART Work on Paper Fair, Lugano, Switzerland

October 17 - 20 Paper Positions Art Fair, Munich, Germany

Sept - October Group Show Tribute a Georgia O'Keefe MUSEO GUSTAVO de MAEZTU, Estella, Lizarra, Navarra, Spain


2018 April Group Exhibition Galleria ARTtime Udine, Italy

2018 May ART FAIR Carrousel du Louvre Paris, France

2018 FRAME ART FAIR BASEL, Switzerland

2018 July SOLO Exhibition Galleria ARTtime Udine, Italy

2018 September Group Exhibition Galeria Art Nou-mil-lenni Barcelona, Spain

2018 October ARTLAB MUNICH Galerie Benjamin Eck

2018 October ART FAIR ADAF Amsterdam, Holland

2018 October YIA FAIR Paris, France

2016 July SOLO Exhibition Vienna, Austria
2016 November SOLO Exhibition Vienna, Austria